Oh ! INDIA lost But WHY?

1. KYUNK Mauqa Mauqa ,,,,Mauqa Mauqa!  Over confidence Kills :p

2. Sarfraz ne dhoka nh dia , Virat ne dedia,! Musalman dhoka nh deta.

3. All the efforts of the team were to win from Pakistan!, because DAR TOU Sirf PAKISTAN c lagta na!

4. Virat ka BON VITA khatam hogya.

5. Because they got their victory against Bangladesh, Ireland, Zimbabwe!
6.  Anushka: jaldi ana!
    Virat: Bus aya!

And most importantly, they don't have respect for any country whether it be PAKISTAN or anyother.
Their people are going to do the same with them,,,,,, treat them with no respect.


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