Get BOOSTERS ,as much as you want ,in Candy Crush Saga/ Soda

We all are very huge fans of this game, well it would be wrong to call this a game.......It's a very severe addiction and I so love it.
I am playing this game for the past year and a half  and I have discovered amazing ways to get maximum boosters in this game. I didn't want to share it but as I am at level 920 and I see no good competition , Here is a Treat for you all.

Follow these steps and get maximum Boosters! It might work on any other game aswell.
 When you are playing your game on mobile which is connected to your Facebook account aswell, it is all you need.
For android mobiles;
1. Go to the settings-

Select Candy Crush Saga; tap on it-
                                           Clear data.
Now all your data will be removed , but worry not. You can login again with your Facebook Id with whole alot of boosters.

2. Start playing from level 1 to level 18, which usually do; You will unlock new boosters at different stages.

 At level 6 you unlock 3 new lollipop hammers;

 At level 7, you get 3 jelly fish;

Don't forget; NOT TO USE YOUR BOOSTERS In these levels,,,,, they are quite easy. Save them for the tough ones.

Just keep on going.

3 color bombs await your way.

  Now you have 3 lollipop hammers, 3 color bombs and 3 jelly fish.
 Coconut wheels are awaiting you.

At Level 18 you unlock new set of switch candy.

  I get 3 set of hammers, 3 set of fish, 3 set of color bomb, 3 set of coconut wheel and 3 set of  switch candies till I play level 18. You may play till level 32 to unlock stripped candy and jelly.

3.  Also Spin the daily spin once and you will get an additional bonus booster.

4. Now connect your facebook account and TADAAAA! your original game level with whole new set of boosters will appear.

5. You might also spin the daily spin for another booster.

If you get lucky and the game offers you a task to spend your gold bars to get another daily spin, again:
1. Clear data your aap.
2. Play till level 18.
3. You will get whole new sets of each booster + 50 gold bars.

4. Use your gold bars without connecting to internet.

5. Get additional boosters and connect again.

Here is your treat:

For laptop/ personal computer users:
1. Whenever you finish your life, click on ask for more lives more than twice.
2. The interface will offer you to play another game and get whole new set of lives and 6 new set of additional hammers.
Go for it!

Please comment for any query or compliments :)


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