Examinations are not the true indicators of students ability.!

It was in the middle
 In the middle of a big hall,
I find myself sitted in the mist of the multitudes
 rows and columns
 heart beat pounding,
its like the dooms day is here again.
Oh what a day
My skills don’t  count, My abilities don’t even count.
All is tested is my theoretical ability.
I am really dommed
For theoretically I am lame
But practically am on top of the world
Distinguish ladies and gentlemen
Is this dooms day a justice to my ability???
I might not be able to fill the pages with organized set of alphabets ,,,I might not be able to memorize 100 of pages…
But believe you me am the right person for the job

Many at times,,,,,,,,,Many a times,,, my college result is unfair in representing my true image.
ü  I am an artist
ü  I am a speaker
ü  I am a lawyer
ü  I am a doctor
ü  I am a teacher
ü  I am an engineer
ü  But on paper am a failure
Justice or Injustice a question for all
Well am not alone
Ø  7 Billion dollar worth steve jobs
Ø   is with me
Ø  4.2 billion dollar worth Richard Branson is with me
Ø  2.7 billion $ worth oprah winfrey Is with me
Ø  Steven Spielberg
Ø  One and only Bill gates
They failed their exams
 But they ended up hiring those with A grade in their exams,,,,,cuz,,,, Examinations don’t teach us character….!

We were born different
We think differently
We enact differently…
Similarly Each person learns differently ,,,,,demonstrates their knowledge differently, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, some people excel in presenting their knowledge orally, while  others do extremely well in examination  conditions. In my opinion, a student who cannot do well in exams may do it well practically... as applied to common day life.

Dear judges L
The fingers are not equal
 We cannot test student ablity solely through examination
Taking a test will hardly ever going to prove someone’s ability

It would be good if I share  a satistical research with you ,,In a News by the daily mail reporter, December 7 2008.r evealed: How two thirds of Britons feel exam results do not represent their real ability. More than three quarters of Britons feel their performance in exams does not reflect their true ability,
,In a further poll of  Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (CIEA) members showed that
Sixty per cent of teachers also agree that exams are not the best indicator of a pupil's ability and do not reflect their future success in the workplace.
Behold the 21st century
A  generation of crammers
Where cramming is given priority over originality and conceptual learning
Where degree earned cannot be defended
Good GPA the only goal of my beloved students
Where students are advised to be exam oriented
Rather than study to achieve their dreams
Distinguish ladies and gentlemen
Everything has become a means to an end and
Nothing is an end in itself
True purpose has been lost
No test can show whether a prospective student has, or is going to develop, true life skills.An exam is a true indicator of a student's potential on one given day,,
In a particular examination.so many factors can affect how a student performs on a test - how tired they are, how hungry, if there's too much excess noise in the classroom or flickering lights...even a good students who knows all the paper would not be able to attempt.
What if a good student has mantained a good academic record all over the year but fails to reach the examination on time? What if a good student fainted during the exam,,, what if a good student got his hand fracture and cannot attempt the written paper........?

In exams
In Exams
I see students engaged in unhealthy competition
I see exam malpractice
I see bribery and corruption
I see hate and pressure
My lord
Is it not glaring
That  This vulnerable methodology is not the best indicator of a student’s ability
Today lets have an examination
Would it be fair to task these students to climb a tree
A Lion
A  Fish
A tiger
A thought for all.


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