Questions that come in your mind while watching The Big Bang Theory

 Yes we all love our favourite sitcom THE BIG BANG THEORY, and ofcourse their characters. The style , the living and the plot of each character has some how attracted us so much that we don't bother to a few exceptions.
But while watching The Big Bang Theory, a few questions come in our mind that without any offenses are kind of interesting and hilarious.
Lets Read some of those;

                     A struggling actress/waitress  Penny can afford the same living standards as of two PHDs Dr Sheldon Cooper/ Dr Leonard Hofstadter  living together.
We have always seen Penny short of cash, while on the other hand, Sheldon or Leonard have alot of money to spend on the latest Digital equipments or their favorite comic books. Then how come they can live in the  apartments in a same building .

Nobody ever noticed about the neighbours of Sheldon/ Penny/Leonard.
In one episode there was a new neighbor at the top floor of the building who was a girl and all the boys except for Sheldon of course were helping and kind of flirting with her. But surprisingly we never heard any voice from any of the building's neighbor.

Out of curiosity who gives the water to plant outside an apartment at 3rd floor. I wonder how loving would be the care taker of that plant that he always keeps the same number of leaves on that plant despite different seasons in a year.

 Its been 8 seasons but none of the 4 i.e Sheldon, Leonard, Rajesh and Harward had changed their shoes. Sheldon wears the same brown leather shoes, Leonard wears the same black snickers, Harward his blue snickers and Raj wears his same check print shoes.
Possibly though Sheldon doesnot like changes but he is very concerned about his hygiene but still 8 seasons is a long long time to change your shoes.

 Surprisingly, Dr Sheldon Cooper is allergic to every species on earth but not to the cats.

 Why Haward doesnot go for a hair cut? Even Sheldon changed his hair style in season 5.

 Both Sheldon and Leonard have their second name , named after Nobel prize winners but why Not Rajesh or Haward and most importantly  Nobody ever cared to ask for Penny's second name.

Sheldon hates changes, which we can see from his jacket, but he replaces his old gadgets as soon as a new one comes.
There are some very confusing science jokes in almost every episode if science illiterate people doesn't understand them then what are they laughing about.


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