Role of Youth In protecting Ozone Layer

When I was told in the border of a classroom that
 one day I would lose my beautiful garden,
  one day I would lose my only pet.
 One day sunrise will mean the hiding time, for Dr. says the scorching sun can give me skin burns and cancer,

 it worries me,,, it worries me alot, when I was told that my little happy world would be destroyed before the Dooms day ..
I still wonder if this is true, I can only hope it is impossibility, But as facts as it right, this tragedy “ the ozone layer depletion “looks to be around the corner.      
This leaves me wondering, Are we happier than our fore fathers? what danger have we brought upon ourselves ?, what is actual cause of these threats?

the Behold, For the ozone is depleting day by day
any my generation sits in        their lounges on soft foam, enjoying the cold breeze from the air conditioners, drinking chilled water from the refrigerator and yet questions what can we do to save our world.
Do one thing my dear,,,,,  Educate yourselves,,,,,,as only awareness brings change .
The posinous halogen containing gases are culprits….,,, which are released from ur refrigerators,,,frm ur air conditioners and  from the products which u use …….
Dear all,,,
I might not b able to replenish this shield ,,I might be able to push this mighty sun away from earth ,,,I might not be able to squeeze all these gases in a  bottle…but one thing I can do is to observe what is causing the danger..

All these catastrophic gases are the result of human activities…But now ,,,, but nowww  it’s time for us to beat enemies of nature
  I urge all the youngsters to do their bit ,
trust me dear  it isn’t hard as u think.
Our parents and their parents of course have contributed to damage our beautiful world, now it’s time for us to bring the change.
“The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity”. (Benjamin Disraeli)
Yes we need to guard it ,we need to protect it and we need to move forward and let me assure you if we connect hands to hands and light to light ,the one billion young people in the world will set our whole planet glow.
For this you don’t need to find a needle in a hay stack, the options are rather simpler. I call on the change demanding youths of Pakistan, our efforts is needed today, to save our world.
Just stop littering,,, sort your garbage properly, avoid excess use of vehicles and technologies that emit cfcs.

What could be more benfficient than planting  more trees..
maybe the plants in my garden don’t need to die,
maybe our planet can be saved
, Maybe the sun can become friendly like it used to be,
Awareness, information and Actions can save our world,
 I have a future, You have a future, I have a dream, you have a dream,
Save O layer Today and we can Save Our Dream,
 make a Better world for you and for me.


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