How to eat cheapest food in Centaurus.!

We all Islamabdians and Rawalpindians are a huge fan of visiting the greatest mall of Islamabad , The Centaurus!!
No matter, most of us cannot go for shopping there because of the expensive brands, but it surely is the best place for food lovers.
The extra bonus of eating food is that you get an almost air conditioned environment all over yourself.
It seems the perfect place to spend and eat your food during the harsh and tough summer afternoons!

 Today I am going to tell you the best way to get the cheapest food in Centaurus and enjoy just like others who spend thousands of rupees to get almost the same type of food!

Stating from the best!

You all must be very aware of the fact that Centaurus who has a very reasonable whole sale general store on its ground floor!
Where you can get the soft drinks at the lowest price which your nearby shop keepers won't even give you.
You can get 1.5 liter of soft drink for 65 rupees and while you have to pay rupees around rupees 100 for each glass at the food court.
You also have a choice to buy the Juices you want , local or imported.

Next task is to Select a good appetizer!
Well, grab some chips or Nachos from Alfateh and of course you can get good amount of ketchup from any stall.

Now comes the time for the food: You have plenty of options starting from

1. Pizza Hut, where you can get  ;2 garlic breads+ 300 ml drinks and a pan pizza for just rupees 230/.

2. You can order for a special chow-men for a low cost of Rupees 220/. at the China Grill.

3. If you are really hungry and want something really filling, I would suggest you to go for Mighty Zinger. It costs you around Rs 400/. but is really filling.

Don't ask for the deal.


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