Mr Salman Khan a very well known bollywood acter but  more popularly known philanthropist.
We all must have heard alot about being human, well he is the man behind it. Having great deal of popularity, Mr Salman Khan has managed to help the needy and deserving. With no offense, he cashes his popularity but for a noble cause.

Want to read what this man does?
Starting from donations and charity work , we heard Salman Khan donating his awards, his belonging to  earn money for donations for NGOs.
He himself started one, Being Human. This organization helps the underprivileged people in two main areas; health and education.
He tends to receive his warmheartedness from his family, who themselves are very generous and kind. We recently heard the wedding bells of Arpita, who was adopted by Khan Family, when she lost her mother who use to beg for living. They never treated her like an adopted child and didn't even forced her to change her religion.
They spent extravagantly on her wedding and treated her like their real daughter.
He recently adopted  a 40 year old widow's family from kashmir and took their whole responsibility.


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