Ooopss !Some Mistakes In legendary "Hum Apk Hain Kon".

Alright guys, let me reveal a few of the mistakes which I have pointed In this amazing family movie which was definitely a blockbuster of its time. Well considering the first mistake, closely look at the shirt of Mr Rajesh. We can clearly see that the paint spill on his shirt had just the black color concentrated at a spot that turned in to multi colored spreading all over the shirt.

In this scene, Kindly note that lalo, the very beloved servant brings tea for everyone. At that time there are no straws in his pocket on his shirt. 
Now at the time when lalo is about to serve the tea to mami jee, who had applied mehndi on her hands and is not able to drink the tea holding the cup, out of no where, two straws suddenly appear in his pocket which he then presents to mami jee.!

When the whole family decides to play a musical game in the evening, Prem, Lalo and Bhola gee bring the gramophone to play the music. In this scene, Prem inserts and sets the Cd on the gramophone.

As soon as they intend to start the game, Bhola gee has the Cd in his hand and the gramophone doesn't. Looks like he didnt liked Prem's choice.

When all the family is playing the musical game, Mr S .S Chaudary is holding two matchsticks in his hand to help his wife depict a scene from mughal-e-azam.

As soon as the light switches on, suddenly where did the match sticks go? No clue at all!

At the time when JiJi Pooja asks her sister Nisha to call Prem, we can notice that Nisha is wearing a silver sandal with heels while sitting on the sofa.
But Oh my, during the dance the heels changed in to flats!
Looks like she danced really hard to break the heels.LOL

 Ok now, this one deserves a special round of applause!
Nisha had her pony tail tied up high quite stiff, but as soon as prem approaches her to open her hair, her pony tail automatically slips down with fraction of seconds and becomes lose itself!
Pyar kA jAdooo!

 BUt no matter what, we loved this film and will really appreciate if the Bharti Cinema starts making such good family based films. Its been a while that we had watch such an amazing film with our whole family


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