OMG ! Sheldon was about to propose AMY!

Since the big bang theory started we all have wondering who this lucky and strong girl would be to get a hold on this stubborn, rude, irritating and highly superlative person Mr Sheldon Lee Cooper.
In the following season we got to know about Amy Farrah Fowler who by no comparison was the perfect fit for our own Sheldon Lee Cooper!
And with out a doubt they make the best Shamy !
<3 <3 <3

Its always a teaser for the big bang theory fans when we get a pause during the seasons and have to wait for a long time to watch our favorite show again.
This time the season finale turns out to be the most dangerous !
It took a pause at a point when we were about to watch Sheldon FINALLY propose to Amy.

 But after a long 5 years struggle, Amy had it all. She had all the bitter experience of having a totally undesirable boyfriend convincing herself that he will change oneday.
All her efforts went in vain, and ahhhh she decided to take a step back.

Amy Farrah Fowler broke up with Sheldon:(

The most annoying fact was that it all happened when Sheldon finally decided to propose Amy.
Watch season 8 episode 24 for the complete story.


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