Top Reasons to love HANDBAGS

Would die for!

Any women in the world is crazy about handbags, but why?
Is it just the style statement or the bare necessity.

Top reasons a woman carry a handbag for:

1.Well most of the women usually carry alot of stuff, like cosmetics, their keys, hair brush. glasses usually with a huge cover to protect it, face wash, hand sanitizr, ear phones and their mobiles plus their chargers.....ufff and alot of secret stuff too!

2. From the day when Big Brands like GUCHI, LOIUS VITTON, MK, Dolce & Gabana and many more, the trend to carry a handbag has gone viral. It isn't just the style statement but rather a class to show.

3. Handbags,  give women a sense of affection that they are not alone. They have a whole set set of Bag Pack, anyone would ever want.

4. If someone annoys them, they can also use it to hit anyone lol :p.

5. I guess because women clothing lack pockets mean to say that to keep their personal things with them they use handbags ......
And its a necessity for them.......
psychologically they are not satisfied until they have hand bag...... 

6. My top most favorite reason is:

   To let men keep their belongings in it. To assist men with items such as tissues band aids etc when in need
    Conclusion: they use it to provide all the necessary stuff when men need from embarrassing them selves.
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