It was a day, when my chemistry teacher told us about a new terminology called "NANO TECHNOLOGY". I still remember his words as this Nano would take over the world in a decade or so. At first, it seems like impossibility as to how come a new technology may take off with such a pace especially in a developing country. But as the time passed, this technology is grasping its strong roots in each and every field of life. For every nation to prosper it is the obliged duty of the government to help educate its mass about the upcoming technologies, only then they would be able to compete in the international world.The furtive approach of each developed nation is that they invest in research and technology unlike us. Each student as he graduates from a university gets job in a research sector in an industry or an organisation. This allows the student to work with a steady pace and deep-rooted understanding in his respective field of interest. At the end of the day, his research whether complete or incomplete turns out to be fruitful. 


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