10 Reasons to have a Male best friend in your group

1. You probably wont have a convenience problem, because your friend will pick or  drop you from anywhere to anywhere.

2. Other guys wont look at you, you will probably feel more secure from other dirty guys, who  pass stupid comments.
3. You will actually know about the mentality of other guys, what they think and what they perceive. Most of your misconceptions get clear.
4. He can tell you what best suits you. He probably wont feel jealous if you look good. He can exactly tell which duppata matches best and looks good with red suit.
5.  If you are unable to get a boy friend pretend him to be the one.
6. Most of the times you don't have to worry about paying bills when you are out with friends.
7. You can go with them for shopping and unlike usual brothers they can spare some time and will give you correct suggestion about what to buy.
8. You always have someone to attend your weird phone calls from unknown pathans :p
9..Last but not the least, If you are unable to find a good  husband, You Always Have A Choice.
10. Last one is your choice, feel free to com
ment or share your opinion.


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