10 Unrevealed shocking but amazing moments of AVENGERS 2,Age of ultron.

After firm efforts of Director Nicolas Furry and SHIELD, the avengers initiative came into existence. We can see the Avengers sign on the uniform of captain America, Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evan.

In other Trailers of Avengers 2, Age of Ultron, we can see the Avengers Tower, replaced by Stark Tower owned by Tony Stark, the Iron Man.

Iron Man suit is now different from the previous one.

Black widow is now having some close relation to Bruce Banner who plays the role of the Incredible Hulk. It now indicates that the love connection between Agent Bartin and Agent Romanoff has diverted. Black widow is now able to get through Bruce.

Ultron is in action.
There is a glimpse of Young Black widow.

The Ultron made by Tony Starck attacks its master aswell. Perhaps the theme of Captain America 3 ,Civil War includes a fight between Captain America, Steve Rogers and Iron Man ,Tony Starck on the issue of  empowering Artificial Intelligence over humanity. The outburst of ultron’s attack is held responsible on Tony Starck.

Thor is now equipped with more and divergent power.

We can now also see a mystery woman , a new character with a unexpected powers.

Hawkeye is the new Wolverine .


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