Tale of a married man!

Today is a very sad day for me, I lost my most only precious element, my only body guard, my so called husband committed suicide(left me) today, really sad hun so sad…..Although I stop mourning him but I really missed him, before (leaving) he died he(left behind a note) wrote a suicide note, his note reads.
On this faithful day, it feels sad that I have to kill myself(im leaving you) but feels great am free from the witch I was offered as a wife, from the first day I was dressed in pants and suits  and she was dressed in a white  beautiful gown, that beautiful gown made her so beautiful that I could not see the evil inside of her.
                Well that day was the most happiest day of my life for I was going to finally get married and leave my bachelor’s life,  little did I know that I was digging my own grave, although she made some polite vows  during the marriage ceremony. She broke those vows as each day passes by.
                For the first week after our marriage ceremony she was like the  most polite beign I have ever seen, as caring as a mother, she asks after every minute, darling would you care for a cup of tea
Darling can I wash your clothes for you
Darling let me iron your cloths
Darling are you not hungry
At then my home looks like heaven
But after the first week
She kicks me out of the bed yelling
Out saying wake up you lazy idiot
I darkest night has just begun
My husband wrote on his suicide note
Finally she realized that I snore while I sleep
And slaps me whenever I do
She stops saying the words she use to
 Say on our marriage night
No more I love you before going to sleep
No more breakfast no more morning tea
I thought is for better for worse
But my wife thinks otherwise
Today I can proudly cal her a witch
Because that is exactly what she is
To all my fellow bachelors
I beg you stay lonely …
Dear readers  am I really a witch??
One day my mother asked me
what kind of guy suits you
I said Mummy
I want a 6.1 ft tall guy
With 6 packs like john Abraham
And a rich man like bill gates
Mummy said
I said yes
Then mummy said will you marry talha ??????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I said no he is a bit too rude
Again mummy asked
What about Eminem
I said no mummy he is a talkative
What about _______________
Oh no mummy he is _______________
He is _____
Don’t blame me people
A perfect girl needs the perfect man
Doesn’t She  ????
My late husband was once the perfect guy
I don’t know why he committed suicide
He was a nice man
He comes home very late but washes my dishes
I really love him
I trained him how to be independent
And he was so independent
He washes
He irons
He cooks
He changes diapers
He baby sits
Oh I miss my Mr independent
Listen guys  I know  I might have been to harsh on him
But how can you live happily without an independent man
And now the search is on
For another Mr. independent

Are you?????


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