Is IRON MAN really a superhero?

Generally we Believe that a Super hero has all the qualities of being a perfect and kind man. He is generous, enthusiastic, noble, Loving, admiring, helpful ,cooperative and who always thinks about helping others.
This time to save the humanity, comes a naughty one. We can call him the wicked Super Hero, who unlike others wants to be seen and admired.

Most of them want to hide their identity whether it be a superman, spiderman or Batman, but GOSHHHHH he is diverse.
He doesn’t need a plan of attack because he has a plan ,,,,,, Attack.
According to the assessment of SHIELD ,  Tony Stark is a volatile ,self obsessed,  is always playing  with other emotions, play boy , who fights for himself, and perhaps these were the reasons SHIELD disapproved the concept of AVENGERS.
Having said all those qualities, any person may prove to be a sufficiently good Evil Villan,,,,but SHIELD didn’t had any solution but to appoint Tony Stark in their team.

Beacuse at the end of the day he is a genius, billionaire and philanthropist.
And for sure he isn’t about style only.

He doesnot have a heart  like others. He does what he is not suppose to do.
Love you Mr Tony Stark <3


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