We want A sequel of Hum sath sath hain!

In decades come a movie which you can actually watch with your family. In the so called vulgar tradition of bollywood films, there's hardly a movie which you would to watch with your parents and children together.
Perhaps, in today's era bollywood movie's production invest for films which concentrate on grasping more young audience and ignore the family traditions ,which they should as a contribution to society.
From our childhood, we have merely seen movies which we actually enjoyed and which taught us a lesson aswell.
When I was young I watched a movie with my sister and mother. I looked forward to watch it , as it included my favorite actor Salman Khan and my sister's favorite actress Karishma Kapoor.
 This movie was based on the importance of family' love and parent's upbringing. Ignoring the stupid traditions, this movie actually showed the importance of love among siblings and importance of respect for parents.
One of the interesting point of this movie was that though it showed a hindu family but it also showed an elder brother's friend, father's secretary and manager's as muslims. Indicating the imporatnce of respect for other's religion and not accusing each other.
This movie focused on the upbringing of parents. They proved that if the children are given best upbringing, no matter what they are going to make their's and other's life a heaven.

Apart from a serious topic, this movie included super fun songs, which can make us dance and on the other hand can make you cry.
I watched the first half with a big mouth open like this :D and the other half like this ;(, weeping and crying but still enjoying. Though I don't have a big family but I want to relate it most with myself.
After watching it several times on tv, I have downloaded it again and I love to watch it again and again. I even ask my father to watch it with me because I am pretty sure I wont have to forward a scene which is very embarrassing,

It depicted each kind of love, whether after arrange marriage love, or love of hidden love birds to the love that is hidden behind childhood fights and friendship.
It also proved no matter where you live ,if your parents keep your track directed you dont forget your family traditions and society's norm. A gilrl, role played by Tabu, though brought up abroad manages easily to live with a family in india, following all their traditions wit full love and commitment.
A brother lost his right arm for the sake of saving his brothers' lives.
It also tells us that if you succeed in your life and you have alot to accredit your accomplishments,do something for people in you past, work for the development of your village.

I wonder why dont they make movies like this. Everyone who told me that they have watched it, I didnt heard a single negative comment. Everbody simply loved it.
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