Media & Nanotechnology Part 2

Any new technology is always accompanied with its pros and cons. Not a single technology in this world, can have 100% chance of being safe. Its just depends upon how we use it for our ownselves and for humanity in general.
Nanotechnology is a new emerging branch of technology, which bears high expectations
of its potential to change the world fundamentally.
Nanotechnology just like every emerging technology is now a great debate of current era. People are fascinated about its application as well as are fearful about its hazourds. Like every previous emerging technology , nanotechnology is going to face alot of debate amongst general public. It is very much important as to how media present the new technology to public. If a great deal of learned scientists present nanotechnology as a new way out for a new  industrial revolution.
Over the years, I thought I had become accustomed to mainstream journalists making a hash out of the subject of nanotechnology. I've even had the misfortune of watching videos starring famed TV physicists making bizarre predictions about the problems that will ensue from the changes brought on by nanotechnology. 
Media should play a decent and positive role in imparting this nanotechnology in general public. It is estimated through surveys that the level of awarness in general public depends upon how much material and at what frequency is presented by the media and news reporters.
Many developing countries like Uk ,USA, and Canada are introducing Nanotechnology as a perspectively new and amazing field and that is the reason that the growth of research and developments in these countries is extending magnificantly.
In countries like USA , articles relating to nano science and technology are much more compared to non USA articles. Among many of the topics of current world, Nanotechnology and its issue like grey goo is among 4rth most important issue that attracts public attention. The frighening and fascinating factors both have a highlighted mark in the media in these countries.

Comparing the role of media in naotechnology in Pakistan no foundation stone has yet been laid down for improving or even imparting the role of nanotechnology in general public. Until and unless there is no public demand of nanotechnology products there is no driving force towards development and research in laboratories. 1


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