Women are weak! Donot Believe me READ Yourself!

Yes she works against her will
for the whole family, for the whole day,

For she earned her degree ,
so as to  fulfill her dreams
But Oh you dominating men,
Did you allow her to complete even one.

For you said , she is weak and puny
But why all the work on her alone my dear honey.

 She cooks, cleans and upbrings your child
And all she gets is an appreciation that is mild.

She takes care of you , you children,your parents and your sibling.
But did you even asked how are you this evening.

Remember, she asked you to bring her a new dress
For she didn't had them for long time in years

 She cries, and cries without dropping a tear
Hug her atleast once, O My Dear.

She had it all, when her children said
O mother! you are best gift we ever had

Don't blame her if she added too much brackish
For she ignores the smell of your stinky socks.

She is a human just like you
Imagine a single hour without her! damn you.

She keeps you in heart forever and ever, and prays for you in her every single breath
 you dont let her do what she wants , even a single wish you hold back and retreat


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